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Costumer's Rating
The team at Bluefield Tea Gardens was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about their craft. They provided an educational and engaging experience, making the tour both entertaining and insightful. The free cup of tea was the perfect finale to a memorable visit. I can't wait to come back!
Emma Odinson
"Visiting Bluefield Tea Gardens was a truly enchanting experience. The lush greenery and serene surroundings created a peaceful atmosphere. The factory visit was informative, allowing us to witness the meticulous tea-making process. And the restaurant served delicious meals infused with the essence of their exquisite teas. A must-visit destination!"
Dian Annakin
"Bluefield Tea's tea collection is simply outstanding. The variety of flavors and aromas they offer is impressive. I particularly enjoyed the factory visit, where I gained insight into the art of tea production. The tea garden's picturesque setting provided a tranquil retreat, and their restaurant served delightful tea-infused dishes that left me wanting more."
Kyle Smith
"Our visit to Bluefield Tea Gardens left us mesmerized. The serene atmosphere of the tea gardens was incredibly calming, and the factory tour was both informative and enjoyable. We indulged in their delightful tea collection and relished the unique flavors in every cup. The restaurant's tea-infused dishes were a culinary delight. Bluefield Tea Gardens truly exceeded our expectations."
Jean D. Johnson
"Bluefield Tea Gardens is a haven for tea lovers. The tea garden's beauty is unparalleled, and the factory visit provided an up-close look at the tea-making process. The tea tasting session was a treat for the senses, with each sip delivering pure bliss. The on-site restaurant served scrumptious dishes that showcased the versatility of tea as an ingredient. A remarkable experience overall!"
Aria Walker
Bluefield Tea Gardens surpassed all my expectations. The factory tour was absolutely the best, with the guide's knowledge making it truly enlightening. The wide selection of teas available were remarkable, and I couldn't resist buying several enticing varieties to enjoy at home. The restaurant was a delightful surprise with great options. A truly unforgettable experience
Thomas Doe
"Bluefield Tea Gardens exceeded all expectations. The tour of the tea factory was fascinating, and the knowledgeable guide shared valuable insights. The range of teas available for tasting was impressive, and I ended up purchasing a few varieties to take home. The restaurant was a hidden gem, serving delectable meals infused with the exquisite flavors of Bluefield Tea."
Joan Elizabeth


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