T e a T r a i l s


E s t a t e T o u r

Estate Tour

Take a walk through the beautiful hills, among rows of tea plants and experience the tea plucking process. You’ll be taken through the process of growing tea plants to harvesting tea leaves while enjoying scenic mountain views. Learn the heritage of tea enjoying a cool breeze.

Factory Tour

Ever wondered what happens inside a tea factory and how you come to taste an aromatic tea? That’s where the magic happens. Once the tea is harvested from the magical fingers of our workers, tea leaves are taken through a process of cleaning, drying, grinding and grading. At Bluefield, you’ll have the chance to witness the tea making process firsthand. Visit us to experience the tea making process.


F a c t o r y T o u r


T e a - T a s t i n g T o u r

Tea Tasteing

Book a Tea Tasting Session with Bluefield to taste the exquisite ceylon teas. As you experience the process of tea making, you can indulge in the luxurious experience of tea tasting. We explain the different teas and ways to prepare them. A one of a kind experience.

Y o u r V i s i t

You are welcome to visit us at any time during the day. Please note that the buffet will be open at given times but you will be given a tour around the estate, factory and a tea tasting experience during any time within the day. Call us before, just to be sure!


Our branches are located in cities across the country for your ease of purchasing. The complete tea experience is available at Ramboda.


If any member of your party has limited mobility, kindly inform our on-site team so that we can arrange necessary accommodations.


Parking is free at Bluefield Tea Gardens. You can safely park your vehicle and then enjoy your visit, along with our tour guides.