Tub OPA 50G

Unveil the exquisite essence of Bluefield’s OPA Tea with our Tube Container. Savor the rich flavor and aroma in every cup, as this finely crafted tea promises a delightful journey into the heart of Ceylon’s tea heritage. Packaged in a convenient 50g Tube, it’s the perfect choice for tea enthusiasts seeking a premium tea experience.
Taste Notes:

Discover the Tea Tube Collection’s exquisite Black Tea OPA, presented in a sleek Tube Packaging. Immerse yourself in the luxurious taste, where OPA graded Tea leaves unfold a symphony of flavors, offering a delicate yet robust infusion with hints of floral and malty notes.

Distinctive Features:

The Tea Tube Collection introduces OPA graded Black Tea in an elegant Tube Packaging, a contemporary ode to Ceylon’s tea heritage.

Tea Grade:

Graced with the OPA designation, this tea signifies the highest-grade whole-leaf black tea.


Crafted from 100% pure Ceylon tea leaves, the Tea Tube Collection OPA graded Black Tea brings you the unadulterated essence of Ceylon’s tea terroir. Elevate your tea moments with a cup that embodies the sophistication and quality synonymous with Ceylon teas.

Net Weight:

Enclosed in a 50-gram tube, this offering provides a curated supply of Tea Tube Collection Black Tea.