Silver Tips Long Tin

Experience the pinnacle of elegance with Silver Tips Tea from Bluefield. This exclusive Ceylon Silver Tips White Tea, meticulously handpicked and gracefully presented in a long tin, offers a sensory voyage. Delicate, silver-hued buds unfold to create a light-bodied infusion with nuanced floral and fruity notes. Elevate your tea ritual as you savor the purity and sophistication of Silver Tips, capturing the essence of Sri Lanka’s tea heritage in every enchanting cup. Embark on a journey of refinement with Bluefield.
Taste Notes:

Elevate your tea experience with the Gourmet Collection Silver Tips in Long Tin Packaging. Immerse yourself in the delicate dance of flavors as this tea unfolds a symphony of refined notes, offering a blissful cup with ethereal floral undertones and a whisper of sweetness.

Distinctive Features:

Housed in the exquisite Long Tin, the Gourmet Collection Silver Tips epitomizes elegance. The elongated tin, adorned with intricate detailing, cradles silver-tipped leaves, showcasing the epitome of craftsmanship that defines this exceptional blend.

Tea Grade:

A pinnacle within our Gourmet Collection, this tea is graded as Silver Tips, a hallmark of excellence in the world of premium white tea. The elongated leaves release a subtle yet complex infusion, creating a tea that embodies sophistication in every sip.


Crafted from 100% pure Ceylon tea leaves free from additives.

Net Weight:

With an offering of 50 grams, the Long Tin Packaging ensures a perfect harmony of elegance and taste.