Silver Tips Drum Small 20G

Indulge in luxury with our silver tips tea, delicately packaged in a 20-gram package. Handpicked from pristine tea gardens, these silver-tipped leaves create an infusion of unparalleled finesse. The pale liquor and floral aroma promise a sensory journey, embodying the epitome of Ceylon tea craftsmanship.
Taste Notes:

Embark on a journey of refinement with our Gourmet Tea Collection’s Silver Tips Tea. Savor the delicate floral notes and subtle sweetness that characterize this rare blend, offering a tea experience that transcends the ordinary.

Distinctive Features:

Encased in Reed Packaging, the Silver Tips Tea stands as a testament to the artistry of our Gourmet Tea Collection. The silver-hued, unopened tea buds unfurl gracefully, showcasing the elegance and purity of this exceptional tea.

Tea Grade:

Classified as Silver Tips, this tea is distinguished by its unopened leaf buds covered in silvery down. This grade signifies the utmost quality, resulting in a tea that is light, airy, and revered for its subtle yet sophisticated taste.


Crafted from 100% Silver Tips tea leaves, this blend embodies the essence of purity and luxury. Each 20-gram package is a showcase of the finest tea craftsmanship, ensuring that every infusion captivates with the unique and delicate character of Silver Tips.

Net Weight:

Indulge in the charm of our Gourmet Tea Collection’s Silver Tips Tea, presented in a thoughtfully designed 20-gram Reed Packaging.