Pun Hexagon Collection 150G

Indulge in the sophistication of Bluefield’s Tea Collection, beautifully presented in a 150g hexagon-shaped Reed Wowen container. This curated assortment of premium tea invites you into a world of refined flavors and delicate aromas, carefully crafted for a discerning palate. The hexagon design not only adds an elegant touch but also ensures optimal freshness, preserving the essence of each infusion.
Indulge in the exquisite flavors of our Reed Hexagon Collection, elegantly packaged in a 150g Leaf Pack. From the first aromatic infusion to the final lingering taste, each leaf within this collection promises a tea experience that captivates the senses, making every sip a moment to savor.

Distinctive Features:

The Reed Hexagon Collection stands out not only for its exceptional tea but also for its distinctive packaging. Encased in a 150g Leaf Pack, the collection celebrates the artistry of tea, combining functionality with visual appeal. This leaf pack preserves the freshness of the carefully selected leaves, ensuring a delightful cup of tea with each use.

Tea Grade:

Immerse yourself in the world of premium tea with the Reed Hexagon Collection. The tea leaves within this collection are meticulously graded to ensure a superior quality that reflects the essence of the regions they are sourced from. The Pun Hexagon Collection introduces you to a tea-drinking experience that transcends ordinary standards.


Savor the pure essence of Reed Hexagon Collection, where 100% premium tea leaves are gracefully enclosed in the 150g Leaf Pack. This infusion captures the authentic taste of the Reed Hexagon tea blend, allowing each cup to be a celebration of the blend’s rich heritage and the simple elegance embedded in its creation.

Net Weight:

Unveil the magic within the Reed Hexagon Collection, presented in the 150g Leaf Pack.