Green Tea 50 Tea Bags O21

Savour the simplicity and freshness of Bluefield’s Green Tea with our convenient 50 tea bags. This premium assortment of green tea promises a harmonious blend of flavors and a delicate aroma in every cup. Each tea bag is thoughtfully crafted to preserve the essence of the tea, providing you with a hassle-free and enjoyable tea experience.
Taste Notes:

Embark on a journey of revitalization with our Green Tea, a harmonious blend that brings together the finest green tea leaves in a convenient tea bag form. This Premier Tea Bag Collection promises a cup that is refreshing, light, and filled with the invigorating essence of premium green tea.

Distinctive Features:

Experience the epitome of convenience and freshness with our Green Tea presented in the Premier Tea Bag Collection. Each tea bag is meticulously crafted to deliver the perfect cup, ensuring a mess-free brewing experience.

Tea Grade:

Our Green Tea, carefully curated for the Premier Tea Bag Collection, maintains the highest standards of quality. Each tea bag contains the finest green tea leaves, providing a well-balanced and authentic flavor profile. Revel in the simplicity and elegance of this convenient tea option.


Crafted with care, this blend features premium green tea leaves sourced from renowned tea estates. The Premier Tea Bag Collection ensures that each tea bag preserves the freshness of the leaves, allowing you to indulge in the pure and revitalizing essence of green tea with every steep.

Net Weight:

Presented in a 100g Premier Tea Bag Collection containing 50 tea bags