Flavoured Tea 100G – Mint

Mint flavoured Tea is a celebration of cool serenity. Immerse your senses in the invigorating dance of mint leaves, creating a revitalizing symphony in every cup. Elevate your tea experience with this crisp and refreshing infusion.
Taste Notes:

Savor the refreshing essence of mint intermingled with the richness of Black Tea in our Flavour of Bluefield Collection – Mint. A revitalizing cup that awakens the senses, marrying the robust depth of Black Tea with the invigorating freshness of natural mint extract, mint leaves, and the subtle zest of lemon peels. It’s a revitalizing symphony in every sip.

Distinctive Features:

Encased in the sophisticated Boxed Packaging, Mint is an embodiment of refreshing elegance. The fusion of Black Tea with invigorating mint and the citrusy hint of lemon peels creates a harmonious blend that tantalizes the palate and offers a sensorial delight.

Tea Grade:

Mint is a distinguished member of our exclusive Flavour of Bluefield Collection, showcasing a top-tier blend that marries the boldness of Black Tea with the rejuvenating qualities of mint and citrusy undertones. It’s an embodiment of sophistication and revitalization.


This exquisite blend features superior Black Tea perfectly infused with the invigorating essence of natural mint extract. The addition of real mint leaves and lemon peels enhances the tea’s refreshing quality, providing a delightful minty zest balanced with a hint of citrus. Crafted meticulously, these ingredients ensure a tea that exudes freshness in every cup.

Net Weight:

Embrace the rejuvenating charm of Mint in a 100-gram Boxed Packaging.