Flavoured Tea 100G – Jasmine

Jasmine Tea unveils a delicate dance of floral notes, capturing the essence of blooming jasmine. Let each sip transport you to a garden of serenity, where the fragrance of jasmine blossoms gracefully intertwines with the soulful charm of a fine tea blend. Revel in the poetry of flavor.
Taste Notes:

Indulge in the floral symphony of our Flavour of Bluefield Collection – Jasmine. This exquisite blend harmoniously combines the boldness of Black Tea with the enchanting aroma of natural jasmine extract, accompanied by delicate jasmine flowers and buds. Each sip unfolds a fragrant journey that captivates the senses.

Distinctive Features:

Encased in the elegant Boxed Packaging, Jasmine is a captivating fusion of premium Black Tea and the aromatic allure of natural jasmine extract. The tea leaves are delicately adorned with jasmine flowers and buds, creating a visually appealing blend that exudes sophistication and floral elegance.

Tea Grade:

Jasmine, part of our exclusive Flavour of Bluefield Collection, features a high-grade Black Tea that serves as the canvas for the delicate infusion of jasmine. The result is a tea that embodies the richness of Black Tea with the aromatic grace of jasmine, offering a refined and captivating experience.


This curated blend boasts the finest Black Tea infused with the alluring essence of natural jasmine extract. The addition of real jasmine flowers and buds enhances the tea’s floral character, creating a sensory experience that transports you to a blooming jasmine garden with every cup.

Net Weight:

Discover the floral enchantment of Jasmine in a 100-gram Boxed Packaging.