DUST NO 1 Pun Sri Lanka 100G

Discover the bold character of Bluefield’s Dust No.1 Black Tea, elegantly presented in 100g Woven reed containers. This premium assortment of tea promises a robust symphony of flavors and captivating aromas, encapsulated in uniquely designed Sri Lanka-shaped containers.
Taste Notes:

Our Dust No. 1 Graded tea, meticulously crafted and graded for perfection, offers a bold and invigorating flavor profile. Sourced from the lush landscapes of Sri Lanka, each sip promises to transport you to the heart of the world’s finest tea estates.

Distinctive Features:

Presented in our unique Reed Packaging, this 100g offering is not just tea; it’s a work of art. The Sri Lanka-shaped packaging pays homage to the origin of this exceptional tea, creating an aesthetic that reflects the pride and tradition embedded in every leaf. The Dust No. 1 grading ensures a tea experience that is both robust and refined.

Tea Grade:

Dust No. 1, renowned for its finely broken leaves, represents the epitome of quality in tea grading. This grade guarantees a strong, bold cup that retains the nuanced flavors characteristic of the finest Ceylon teas.


Our Dust No. 1 Graded tea is a harmonious blend of carefully selected tea leaves sourced from the pristine estates of Sri Lanka.

Net Weight:

Presented in an artfully designed 100g Reed Packaging.