Cloth Bag BOPF

Embrace the essence of Bluefield’s BOPF Tea with our eco-friendly Cloth bag Packaging. Carefully curated from premium tea leaves, this bold blend promises a robust and flavorful experience in every sip. The reusable cloth bag reflects our dedication to sustainable choices, ensuring both freshness and environmental responsibility. Savor the distinctive taste of Bluefield’s BOPF Tea, packaged in a thoughtful and eco-conscious manner.
Taste Notes:

Introducing our Bulk Tea Collection, a tea connoisseur’s delight carefully curated for those who appreciate the art of brewing. This exclusive blend, graded as BOPF, unveils a rich and full-bodied flavor profile. Sourced from the finest tea estates, this collection promises a bold infusion that captivates the senses with each aromatic sip.

Distinctive Features:

Experience the epitome of convenience and freshness with our Cloth Bag Packaging. The 1kg bulk offering ensures an ample supply for tea enthusiasts and establishments alike. The BOPF grading guarantees a strong and brisk cup, making it an ideal choice for those who seek a robust and satisfying tea experience.

Tea Grade:

Our Bulk Tea Collection boasts the coveted BOPF grade, showcasing the commitment to excellence in tea craftsmanship. Broken Orange Pekoe signifies the careful plucking and processing of tea leaves, resulting in a tea that exudes both strength and character in every brew.


Crafted with precision, this blend comprises the finest tea leaves sourced from select estates.

Net Weight:

Bulk Tea Collection, presented in a 1kg Cloth Bag Packaging.