C Box Silver Tips 100G


Indulge in the pure sophistication of Silver Tips Tea 100g by Bluefield. Handpicked from our exquisite tea estates, this 100g marvel unveils the delicate beauty of unopened buds, showcasing the epitome of Ceylon White Tea. Gently withered and dried, these silver-tipped leaves produce a light, golden infusion with subtle honey and pine notes. Elevate your tea ritual with this artisanal creation, a tribute to nature’s purity and Bluefield’s unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional teas. Experience the rare and refined essence of Silver Tips, echoing the essence of Sri Lanka’s tea heritage.

Taste Notes:

Indulge in the sublime elegance of our Silver Tips Tea, a delicately crafted symphony of flavors that caress your palate with grace. The infusion unfolds with exquisite floral notes, accompanied by a gentle sweetness and a whisper of sophistication. Each sip promises a luxurious tea experience, leaving an impression of refined taste.

Distinctive Features:

Harvested with precision from select tea bushes, Silver Tips Tea is a manifestation of purity and finesse. The tender, unopened buds, covered in silver down, are expertly plucked to preserve their delicate nature. The distinct silver appearance of the leaves attests to the rare quality and meticulous processing that define this exceptional tea.

Tea Grade:

As a Silver Tips grade tea, this blend stands in a category of its own, representing the epitome of luxury in Ceylon tea. Comprising only the unopened buds, the tea unfurls into a mesmerizing display during brewing, releasing an infusion that embodies the pinnacle of tea craftsmanship.


Crafted solely from 100% pure Ceylon tea buds, Silver Tips Tea is a tribute to authenticity and simplicity. Free from any additives, this tea allows the natural essence of Ceylon tea to shine, delivering a pristine and unadulterated tea experience.

Net Weight:

Packaged in a convenient 100-gram cardboard box.