BOPF Pun Rectangle 100G

Experience the sophistication of Bluefields BOPF Tea, meticulously presented in 100g Woven Reed rectangle containers. This premium assortment of orthodox tea leaves promises a symphony of nuanced flavors and captivating aromas. The unique rectangle design not only adds a modern touch of elegance but also ensures optimal freshness, preserving the essence of each infusion.
Taste Notes:

Embark on a journey of exquisite flavor with our BOPF graded black tea masterpiece meticulously presented in a 100g Leaf Pack. From the moment the aromatic symphony fills the air to the final, lingering taste, each infusion from this collection promises a tea experience that transcends ordinary boundaries.

Distinctive Features:

Encased in a precisely designed 100g Reed Pack, the collection seamlessly combines functionality with visual appeal.

Tea Grade:

The BOPF leaves within this collection are meticulously graded, reflecting a commitment to superior quality that captures the essence of the Hilly region.


100% premium black tea BOPF leaves are thoughtfully enclosed in the 100g Reed Pack. This infusion encapsulates the authentic taste of Ceylon tea heritage, allowing each cup to be a celebration of the blend’s richness and the subtle elegance embedded in its creation.

Net Weight:

The package consumes refined 100g black tea.