BOP Paper Tub 120G

Discover the essence of Bluefield Tea with our BOP Tea in Paper Tub Packaging, a testament to quality and heritage. Carefully selected and expertly blended, this 120g package captures the rich flavors of Ceylon tea. The convenient and eco-friendly paper tub ensures freshness, making each sip a delightful experience. Immerse yourself in the world of Bluefield, where tradition meets innovation, and savor the exceptional taste and aroma in every cup. Choose Bluefield BOP Black Tea for an unparalleled tea journey.

Taste Notes:

Indulge in the exceptional flavor of our Classic Ceylon Collection’s Black Tea, meticulously presented in Tea Tube Packaging. This BOP-graded blend offers a harmonious infusion with bold and robust notes, delivering a taste that captures the essence of Ceylon’s tea craftsmanship.

Distinctive Features:

Encased in an elegant Tea Tube Packaging, this black tea stands out for its distinct features in the Classic Ceylon Collection. The BOP grading ensures finely processed leaves, allowing tea enthusiasts to experience the rich heritage and authenticity of Ceylon tea.

Tea Grade:

This Tea Tube Packaging holds a premium BOP-graded black tea, showcasing the Classic Ceylon Collection’s dedication to excellence. The finely broken leaves in this blend contribute to a strong and robust cup, reflecting the classic attributes that define Ceylon tea.


Crafted exclusively from 100% pure Ceylon tea leaves, this offering from the Classic Ceylon Collection ensures an authentic and flavorful tea experience.

Net Weight:

In a conveniently sized 120-gram Tea Tube, this black tea from the Classic Ceylon Collection is perfect for tea enthusiasts seeking a refined and flavorful experience.