Black Tea 25 Tea Bags

Enjoy a classic cup of boldness with our black tea blend, conveniently packaged in 25 tea bags. Sourced from premium tea estates, each tea bag delivers a rich and robust infusion. Embrace the timeless allure of black tea, perfect for those who seek a strong and satisfying cup to start their day or unwind in the evening.
Taste Notes:

Experience the epitome of indulgence with our Premier Tea Bag Collection Black Tea, a blend that captivates the senses with every step. Each tea bag holds the essence of carefully selected black tea leaves, promising a rich and satisfying infusion that elevates your tea-drinking experience.

Distinctive Features:

Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of convenience and luxury with our sophisticated Boxboard Packaging. The Premier Tea Bag Collection Black Tea, featuring 25 meticulously crafted tea bags, is elegantly presented to preserve the freshness and ensure a delightful moment of tea enjoyment whenever you desire.

Tea Grade:

Delight in the premium quality of our black tea leaves, sourced exclusively for the Premier Tea Bag Collection. The carefully chosen tea grade guarantees a bold and robust flavor profile, allowing you to savor the authentic essence of black tea in each convenient tea bag.


Savor the pure taste of our Premier Black Tea with 100% premium leaves gracefully packed in tea bags. Each bag is a testament to our commitment to quality, capturing the bold and timeless essence of black tea, presented in the elegant Boxboard Packaging of the Premier Tea Bag Collection.

Net Weight:

Unveil the richness of the Premier Tea Bag Collection Black Tea, now in a 50g package featuring 25 convenient tea bags.